The Test

I remember that night like it was yesterday. The cool breeze of summer night air filled my room as I drifted off into sleep, while my mind raced with thoughts of what the summer would bring. Lots of shopping and hanging out with friends at the pool were just the treat, I needed to take my mind off the stressful school year, and with my parents away I would be able to enjoy a week’s vacation from both.

Not long after I had fallen asleep, I was awakened by loud noises coming from downstairs. Afraid and confused I reached for my cell phone that I always left on the side of my bed but found it wasn’t there. The noises from downstairs became louder, and I could feel my heart beat faster as I frantically searched for my phone in my darkened room, to afraid to turn on the light.

“Where did I put it?” I said shaken but trying to hold myself together to no avail. “Damn it!” I started to scratch my forehead and think about where another phone might be. That’s when I realized that the closes’ phone was downstairs in the living room, but how could I make it there without being seen by whomever or whatever it was downstairs? It was impossible, but I had to do it. I had to call the police, and I knew the house better than whoever was downstairs so I would be fine. I grabbed my robe off my chair and slowly opened my bedroom door.

The house was dark, but my eyes had long adjusted to its darkness it was almost as if I could see in the dark as clearly as I could in the light. The flower wallpaper that my mother and I had installed just that past spring, was just as clear and colorful then as it were with the lights on and this confused me. Most people could only see shadowy figures of objects in the dark, and they certainly wouldn’t be able to see a dark sign saying, “keep out” in a pitch-black house, but somehow I could. This frightened me and amazed me at the same time. However, instead of focusing on that I just continued to walk towards the loud noise that was invading my dreams and hurting my head.

The closer I got to the bottom of the steps the louder the noise became, and I could almost make out voices; however, they weren’t human at all. My heart started to race faster as I finally reached the bottom of the steps and made my way into the living room, making sure to avoid bumping into anything so whoever was there couldn’t hear me.

Once I found the phone and tried to dial out the line went dead. “Oh God no please.” I cried as I tried to dial the cops again. The noise from the other room got louder, and my head began to pound. It felt like someone had taken a 2×4 to my head and continued hitting me until all I could do was crawl up into a ball and cry for my parents who left me for that week.

As the noise got louder, I could feel my body starting to change. My nails grew longer my hair began to fallout, and my skin began to change into black fur. “What’s happening to me?” I asked no one. “You’re becoming what you were meant to be.” I heard my grandmother’s voice say but could not see her. “Grandma?” I managed to say through the pain.“I’m here.” At that moment, three wolves came into the living room and just stared at me while my body changed.

For hours, I could feel my bones twisting and breaking uncontrollably with what seemed like no end as I screamed out in pure agony and pain while the wolves watched.  When the transformation was complete, I heard my grandmother’s voice again this time coming from one of the wolves. “You did well.” She said proudly. “What?” I managed to say still in pain and confused. “You’ve passed.” I heard my mother’s voice say from the other wolf. “Passed what?” I asked confused that a wolf was talking to me.
“The test.” I heard my father say. “What test?” I asked now believing everything that had just happened to be a dream. “Most people your age wouldn’t have been able to transform as you did and live, you my dear have passed.”  My grandmother said again. “What’s going on? What’s happening to me?  I asked freaking out and trying to leave. “Calm down sweetie this is supposed to happen.” My mother said trying to soothe me. “Why?” I asked confused. “I’ll explain tomorrow but tonight I want to show you something.” My grandmother said.

Before I could answer my father transformed back into human form, and we followed him to the front door. Once he opened it my grandmother and mother ran out then stopped because I was still standing inside afraid of what was about to happen. “Go.” My father said. I shook my head yes then followed my mother and grandmother outside.

The night world was amazing because all of my senses were heightened, and the world seemed so much bigger than I could have every imaged. The smell of the night air was so intoxicating, that it consumed me and for the first time in my life, I felt free like the world was my playground and I could do with it as I pleased. My grandmother then took me to a spring in the woods to drink. The water was so sweet it tasted like candy, and I could hear things coming from miles away, like the sound of a deer running across the grass. I didn’t want the night to end, but I knew it would have to.

The next morning I woke up in my bed smiling because of that night which I thought was all a dream. As I got up out of bed, I grabbed my robe and headed down the steps thinking about that night and longing for another dream like that one. However, once I reached the kitchen and saw my parents and grandmother having coffee and eating breakfast, I was completely taken aback. “Morning sweetie; did you sleep well?” My mother asked me with a smile. “Yes I did, but what are you doing here?” I asked confused. “What do you mean? Did you really think we’d leave you alone after your first transformation?” My grandmother asked puzzled. “You mean that really happened?” I asked still confused. “Yes it really happened.” My father said with a smile. I sat down at the table and just stared at them. “Is it going to happen again?” I asked still in disbelief. “Yes.” My mother said with a smile while she was drinking her coffee. “Why and when?” I asked intrigued. “Every full moon you will change for now, but once you learn how to master it; you will be able to change at will.” My grandmother informed me. “As for the why it’s because you come from a very long line of shapeshifters. It’s in your blood. “Why?” I asked curiously. “There have been stories about that question but the only answer I can give you for sure is that it’s something that has been past done from generation to generation.” She added. “Oh. So now what?” I asked staring at her both eagered and skeptical. “Now you come with me, and I will teach you how to control your transformations.” My grandmother said. “When?” I asked trying not to show my excitement. “Now. Go pack and I will be waiting for you at the car.” “OK” I said getting up from the table and walking to my room.

Once I had finished packing I looked at my room one last time then slowly made my way down the steps and out the door where my grandmother and parents were waiting.“Ready?” She asked. “Ready?” I said my good-byes to my parents then left with my grandmother.

As I look back now at that night, I come to the conclusion that it wasn’t until then that my life truly began. Before I was just a typical girl going through the motions, but now I had become something extraordinary, and it was all because of that moment when I passed that test.


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