Can it be over

     Marie sat at a booth in Holly’s diner staring at a cup of coffee in front of her. Her hands were placed firmly on the table as she anxietyly awaited the arrival of her husband Alex. “Marie!” A familar voices said pleasantly. Marie looked up and saw her husband Frank siting across from her smiling with his arms pressed firmly on the table. He had arrived five minutes earlier and had been calling her name since he got there. “There you are.” He said with a bright smile that almost shook her resolve. “So what is it that you wanted to talk about, you know I’m a busy man.” He said proudly. Alex was a high profile lawyers ar one of the most prestigious firms in Atlanta, everyone from celebrities to government officals wanted him as their attorney.
     I know you’re busy, but what I have to say is more important than your job.” Marie stuttered. She was nervous and completely out of her element; however she knew that if she didn’t say what she had to say this day, she never would. Alex looks from her to the menu on the table. He picks it up and starts looking through it. “Go ahead.” He said softly. Marie takes a deep breath then looks at her husband who was looking intensely at the menu. “I want a divorce.” She said softly.
     Alex raised his hand to signal the waiter. He was still smiling as if he had heard nothing she had said, as the waiter walked over with pen and paper in hand. “What can I get for ya?” The waiter asked cheerfully. He was a young teenager who obviously did not want to be there but had no choice because of his family owned the diner. “I’ll have a cup of coffee, black with two sugars, a short stack with bacon and two eggs sunny side up.” Alex replied. The waiter turned his attention to Marie who was staring intensely back at Alex both hurt and confused. “And for you ma’am” The waiter asked. Marie did not answer so Alex ordered for her. “She’ll have the same thing.” He said handing the waiter both menus. “OK I’ll have that out for you in a minute.” The waiter said taken the menus and walking away.
    Once he was gone, Alex turned his attentionback towards Marie. “Now what were you saying honey?” He asked sweetly. “I said I want a divorce.” She stuttered. The experssion on Alex’s face changed from happy to blaffled and he had hoped he heard wrong. “What did you just say?” He asked. “I want a divorce Alex.” She said again, this time more firm. Alex sat back in his chair and glared at her for what seems like an hour both puzzled and hurt by her declaration. “Where is this coming from?” He finally asked. “It’s been coming for a long time, I just wasn’t ready to say it. “IS THERE SOMEONE ELSE? ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME?” Alex yelled, because he knew there was no way she would do this if there wasn’t another man involves. “There is no one else.” She said. “I love you, I just… She pause and her eyes began to water. How could she tell the man she loves that she never wanted to see him again. This was too much, but she knew she had to finish it. “Can’t what?” He asked distracting her from her thoughts. “I can’t live with you anymore.” She finally said and feeling relived after she had said it. “Can’t live with me? Why can’t you live with me Marie?” He asked irritated  and tried of this conversation. “Because your temper scares me.” She admitted. Alex had anger mangement issues and for the past six years, they had been getting completely out of control, to the point where she was afraid to leave the kids with him.
    The waiter walked back over and brought them their food and coffee. He placed them on the table then turned to Alex who was chuckling from Maire’s answer. “Can I get you two anything else?” The waiter asked. “No we’re good. Thank you.” Alex replied. The waiter walked away and Alex continued to laugh. “What’s so funny?” Marie asked annoyed. “Is that it? My temper scares you. I can fix that. Now let’s drop the divorce talk and continue eating our breakfast.” Alex said stilling amused and hipeful that this idea of hers would leave just l8ke the others. He picked up his fork and began to eat his food. Marie just stared at him jilted from his responds then speaks. “Yesterday you took a bat to the children’s television because they didn’t finish their dinner. The day before that you locked them out the house in the rain, because they came back from school five minutes late. And the time before that…
    Alex dropped his fork and interrupted her. “I get it,” he started. “I have anger management issues, but who doesn’t. You’re not all rainbows and sunshine yourself, but I would have never asked you for a divorce.” “Maybe, but I’m, not as dangerous as you.” She stated coldly. “Fine, what do you want me to do?” He asked serious about changing if she dropped the idea.
“I already told you. I want a divorce.” She said unmoved by his idea of change. “That’s not going to happen?” He declared. “Alex!!” She cried.
Alex hit the table hard with his left fit and Marie straightened up. “NO! I’m not going to let you throw away fifteen years of marriage because I lost my temper a couple of times.” He declared “But Alex…” She said shaking. Alex interrupted her. “No. You are my wife. Fifteen years ago we made a vow before God and our entire family, that we would be together tell death do us part, and so far both of us are still alive.” He said furious. He loved his family and he had no intention of letting them go.
    “I remember our vows, but I cannot keep living in fear that one day you will do something a lot worst to me and the children.” She said fearful. “What? That’s ridiculous. I would never physically hurt you are our children. He said hurt and insulted that she would even think that. “No just mentally right?” Marie said fighting back her tears. Alex looked at her like he wanted to hit her but said and did nothing. “What’s the matter? Did I hit the nail on the head? You treat us like we are your play things and when we “misbehave” you punish us either by taken us on a trip and deserting us or belittling us in front of your friends. So yes I want a divorce.” She said bitterly. “Whatever. You wanted to talk, we talked. I’ll see you at home.” He stood up. “I’m not going home.” She said. “Yes you are. Even if I have to drag you their by your legs, your going to be there.” He declared.
    Marie reached in her purse and pulled out an envelope, shaking while handingit to Alex. “What’s this?” He asked taking it from her. She said nothing just watched him as he openned it. He pulled out the content relieving divorce papers with her signature at the bottom. He looked at it laughed then shook his head at the paperwork. “You even signed them.” He said more amused than hurt. Alex looked at Marie then tore up the paperwork. Tears begin to fall down Marie’s face as she watched Alex reactionm Once he finished ripping up the papers, he threw them in Marie’s face. “Thanks for the breakfast, see you at home.” With that he walked out the diner, leaving Marie there to pick up the pieces.


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