A Night To Remember

An evening of romance is what Vincent Campbell had planned for him and his lover Trina Martin. A little moon lite dinner, combined with a swim, is what he had been waiting for all week and finally the night had come. As he drove the ten blocks to her house, he couldn’t help but think about the conversation they had the previous night. They had spent hours on the phone planning every detail of their date and it was her idea for them to meet at her family’s home, since everyone would be out for the evening.
“I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” He said uneasy.
“Why not?” She had asked.
“Because your father hates me.” He exampled. Trina’s father Kevin Martin, came from old money and believed that people should only marry those who came from the same social class as them. His daughter, was a free spirited and open minded, which was why he was so overprotected of his baby girl and heiress to his fortune 500 company.
“He does not.” She laughed, but knowing it was true.
“Yes he does. The first time we met he told me if he ever sees me talking to you, he has a .45 with my name on it.” He proclaimed.
“Yeah well you won’t have to worry about that because, he will not be home. He has a conference this weekend.”
“Yeah until he finds out I’m over there then he’ll come back and shoot me.” He had said uncertain of what he should.
“Stop playing; are you coming or not?”
“I’ll be there at 8.” He said still a bit uneasy but really wanting to spend time with her.
“Don’t say it if you don’t mean it.” She pouted.
“I do mean it. I’ll see you tomorrow.” With that they hung up.
As he pulled into the driveway of her two million dollar mansion, his heart began to race, as the anticipation of being with his love excited him in ways he could not understand. Here he was a lowly middle class worker had captured the heart of a true American Royal. Her kindness and warmth is what attracted Vincent to her and despite all the threats and circumstance surrounding their relationship, he couldn’t imagine life without her.
As he carefully made his way to the back of her house, he made sure to remain unnoticed, for fear of what the guards or any member of her household would do if they saw him. Once he reached the back of her house he noticed something very peculiar. She was laying down in her floating chair on the deep end of the pool, with one hand in the water and her head turned to the side. As he slowly made his way towards her, he began to worry why she was waiting for him in the pool, when the plan was dinner first, or was there something wrong. The closer he got to her he could feel his heart beat faster and faster until finally he saw it; blood was oozing down from the left side of her head, and before he could think or say a word, he dove into the pool and pulled her out. Once he got her body out of the pool he grabbed a towel and pressed it on the side of her head as he frantically searched for his phone to dial 911. However before he could do anything, sirens were heard down the street and the light on the back porch came on. Conflicted and confused he sat there holding his love crying and trying to wake her up. The cops came out of the house with the butler and approached them with guns drawn.
“Step away from her and put your hands up.” The officers ordered his expression that of anger than of questions.
“What? I didn’t do anything.” Vincent proclaimed disoriented and still holding Trina, who with ever second that past breath was getting shorter and shorter.
“I won’t ask again, stand up and back away from the body.” The officer yelled. It was almost as if he were looking for a reason to pull the trigger. He never liked Vincent, in fact he thought Vincent was beneath him and should have been locked up a long time ago for all the pranks Vincent had played on his son back when they were in high school; now the murder or attempted murder on none other than America’s sweetheart herself, gave officer Hank West all he needed to put him behind bars for the rest of his life.
Seeing the hatred in Hank’s eyes and the many guns that surrounded him, Vincent did what he was told and was arrested, while Trina was placed in an ambulance and rushed to the hospital.
As Hank and the officers walked Vincent to the front of the house, people looked on in disgust and horror. Trina’s father Kevin arrived just as they were about to put Vincent in the back of the squad car.
“What’s going on? Where’s my daughter? What did you do to her boy?” He asked getting in Vincent face and grabbing his shirt; his eyes a blazed with hatred as the officers tried to pull him off of Vincent.
Vincent didn’t say a word. What could he say? Nothing he would have said, could help the situation, because if her father knew the real reason he was at Trina’s house, he’d kill him anyway.
“Mr. Martin please release him.” Hank ordered, but was actually enjoying the scene. Hank did as he was told, and the officers put Vincent in the squad car.
“Now Mr. Martin, we got a call from an anonymous person who said they saw a man attack your daughter by the pool, and when we arrived, we saw him standing over her body covered in her blood.” Hank explained leaving out the facts that Vincent was actually trying to stop the bleeding.
“Is she OK?” Kevin asked trying to control himself.
“We don’t know but we will take care of this.” Hank assured him.
“I want him buried.” Kevin ordered.
“Trust me sir with as much evidence that we have on him, he will be.” Hank assured him. “Now would you like to join your daughter at the hospital sir?”.
“Yes just make sure you take care of that.” Kevin said looking at Vincent in disgust.
“No problem sir.” With that Hank got in the squad car and drove Vincent to the police station.
As they pulled away from the scene, Vincent couldn’t help but think about what had just happened. Why did this have to happen to him? How did the cops get there so fas,t and is Trina going to be Okay? He needed answers and there was no way he could get them by sitting in a jail cell. He had to escape so he could clear his name and he and Trina could be together again. But how? As they pulled up to the police station, the officers took him inside, finger printed him, took his picture and put him in a jail cell. That night he laid in bed wondering if he would ever see Trina or his freedom again.


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