Thoughts of a Writer

The Journey for a self publish author to become a best seller is extremely hard, especially, when they are doing it all by themselves. For many, the idea of giving up after a failed attempted is the easiest choice, because A they were only doing it just to say they did it , or B, were too scared or finically strapped to see their dream become a reality. Then there is the discouragement from family and other loved ones, who tell them that their dream is impossible, so they should just go out and get a regular 9-5 job. With so much negative and the odds not in their favor, self published authors who are really passionate about making it have it by their own skills alone, have it ruff. I for one am in that same boat.

When I first began this process of publishing, I thought “okay I will write this book and then people will just by it, because it’s my book and it’s awesome;” however, that thought process got me no where, which lead to me pulling the original version of my current book The Journey, off the shelves and starting over from the beginning. It took me three years before I decided to publish again but I never gave up writing. The hardest thing about being a writer, is when you ask someone to buy your book, they review it, and don’t like it. Though we know most of the time, that dislike for the product is not geared towards us as writers; it still feels personal. Then the doubt sets in, and we began to question our ability-even though every part of us is telling us that we are good enough to be a writer. When that doubt sets in, there is no turning back, and we start to break down causing us to do like I did and pull their book and just give up completely. (Though to be honest, it was too early for the first book to be published; but at the time, I was too naïve and in my feelings to realize it.) The best thing I did for that book was pulling it off the shelves and rework it, making it a trilogy.

After that failed experience I decided to rework it. Not wanting to make the same mistakes I did before, I had serval people look over it before I published it, and even after publishing it, made a few changes, because with self publishing, I can make changes to it even if it is already out. (One of the things I love about it.) The hardest part, is the marketing. I study the internet for days and hours at a time, trying to figure out how to market my book, what I should say to get people’s attention, and what I could offer to drive people to my amazon site, in order to check out my book. I tried lowering the price to $.99 then 2.99 then finally making it free. The free promo worked, because it helped get people’s attention; however, there was never any feedback. Grant it, the promo only ended a few days ago, but as a self-published author, the idea of getting reviews, is how books are sold, especially if they are good reviews. So that is were I’m stuck at.

There use to be a time that I didn’t want to know what other people had to say about my writing especially if it was bad, but now things have changed. I’ve changed. I no longer find negative comments to be a direct shot at me(although they still hurt,) but away for me to grow and become a better writer, so that when I am able to reach number one on that bestsellers list, I can truly feel accomplished.

Now I’ve said all that to say, that despite how hard something may be, if you truly want it, you should go for it. Don’t let other people discourage you. Many successful people failed multiple times before they got their big breaks. So if one strategy doesn’t work, try another one, just never give up, because 9 times out of 10 it’s that final strategy that takes you to where you truly want to go.


One thought on “Thoughts of a Writer

  1. Hello! I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect! I would appreciate it if you could return the follow for my blog at My blog is new but I will have more posts/articles up within the next few weeks!

    Great post by the way! You have the right attitude about writing I think– never give up! Remember, anything worth getting usually isn’t easy to get. And once you do get there you’ll be stronger for it.

    Thanks bunches,


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