Free Book

In honor of my birthday Thursday, the ebook version of my book, The Journey, will be available for free on amazon.  The Journey I a dark fantasy set in the middle ages and targeted for young adults. So if you are interested, please feel free to get your free copy either this Wednesday or Thursday, and please feel free to leave a review on amazon.  Also, below is and excerpt from The Journey and a link to the book on amazon. I hope you enjoy.
Renee sat on a log staring at a small fire. Her arms were wrapped tightly around her leg as she tried to understand how a day that had started off so good, would lead to her entire family and her best friend Jasmine’s family ending up deep in the forest with two young men who looked like rebels. What had her family gotten themselves into, she thought to herself. She turned her head slightly towards the young men. They were standing at least ten feet away from her, whispering about something. The expressions on their faces and the way they stood there told Renee that it was serious—only she wasn’t sure how serious the situation was.
Her parents were the same way. They hovered in the corner with Jasmine’s parents, talking about something that none of the children were allowed to hear. They were hiding something from them, something very important and whatever it was, the two rebels were the reason. Why else would they bring them out into the middle of nowhere, then wait for a whole day for someone to show up, and on her birthday too? She should have known something was wrong the night before, after talking to Elizabeth.

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